DEW Ltd. is an important strategic and national maritime industry of Bangladesh. It is the oldest dockyard in the subcontinent and possess the greatest history of ship building and repair work. It was established in 1926 on the eastern  bank of river. Shitalakshya , Narayangong ;about 32 km away from the capital city of Dhaka.

On 07  December,2006 DEW Ltd. was handed over to Bangladesh Navy (BN) under the Ministry of Defense (Mod) with existing machineries and workshop on 21.78 acres of land. Presently DEW Ltd. has begun its production by an all-out effort

Under BN management and gained the international standard as

Well as new building  capacity.

DEW Ltd. has built hundreds of vessels up 2000 DWT  like Army LCT Shakti Sanchar, BIWTC  Ro Ro ferry  Barkat ,Jahangir, Keramat Ali, CPA Survey boat grip 8-11,Pilot boat Kandari, Navy Ocean going Tug BNT Shabok, Passenger ferry, Oil Tanker, Container vessel and many more.

Currently, the joint collaboration  between AQ shipyard and DEW is opening a new scope of facility utilization between both companies to get foreign orders and orders from within the country.