Naval Frigate(BNS Bangabandhu)

Experts of AQ Shipyard has worked on building BNS Bangabandhu a guided missile frigate of the Bangladesh Navy, and is one of the most modern war ships of Bangladesh Navy currently in service, moored at Chittagong .

15 Nos Oil Tankers

Over the years , we have the experience of building 15 hull class and machinery class oil tankers ranging from 600 DWT to 5000 DWT capacity for Shifa group .  PARTEX Group and many other clients. Most of these were of 1800 DWT capacity coastal carrying range.

40 Nos.cargo Ships

We also have the experience of building 40 cargo ships of 750 DWT to 4500 DWT capacity for our clients. Most of these are local vessels and others are hull and machinery class.

Fishing Trawlers

03x Fishing Trawlers (Md Sea) for Radiance Group.