Syed Fazal Quadry

Managing Director
AQ Group Ltd.

Syed Fazal Quadry was born in London. His parents are originated from Hyderabad, India. He lived in Muscat, Oman and studied at the Indian central school Muscat. Then he went to United Kingdom for his higher studies and completed his bachelors degree in management from Guldhal University.

He was involved in the banking and insurance sector where he worked till 1995.  After that he started his own business.

In 2011, he came to Bangladesh with his family and since then he is involved in the ship building industry. He has successfully managed and completed the building of 09 oil tankers (of 1800 DWT), 05 cargo vessels (of 2000 DWT) and 03 Mid-water fishing trawlers to date.

He currently owns AQ shipbuilders in Meghna, AQ Defense components supplier company providing defense equipment to defense sector, AQ Trading, AQ International franchising , Petroleum, Chemicals, Granite stones and AQ Catering to name a few .

He is married and has two children.