AQ Shipyard Ltd:

AQ Shipyard ltd is a fully integrated marine company with a strong focus in shipbuilding, ship repair/conversion. Over the past years, AQ shipyard has developed a niche market in building and repairing medium to large size vessel.

Our management team meets daily to address and maintain safety in the yard, identify any production problems and set priorities for manpower, material status and facilities utilization.

As one of the leading ship builders, AQ Shipyard is proud to provide our customers with high quality of ship building and repair held to the highest standards of quality assurance.  We at AQ supply our customers with services including, but not limited to, marine electronics repair, barge repair, pier side repairs as well as hauling vessels out of the water for underwater repairs to equipment such as propellers, tailshafts, rudders, keel coolers and hull plating and building new vessel according to RINA or GL or another class as required by the client.

New Shipbuilding:


AQ Shipyard Ltd is a designing high-performance, specialized small and medium-sized vessel, including the new construction. We providing the below effective support to our client:

  1. Plan approval & assistance.
  2. Establish entire supervision on site
  3. Technical and coordination support for the site team
  4. Assist owner to establish a planned maintenance system
  5. Follow up the guarantee period after delivery.


Repair work with Dock/Undock:

AQ Shipyard also supports all small and medium-sized vessel dock, repair, maintenance work purpose. We providing the below effective support to our client:

  1. Survey the vessel for preparing docking specification.
  2. Assist superintendents with quality and progress control during repair works.
  3. Assist superintendents in monitoring scope of repairs.
  4. Coordinate daily repairs between yard departments, local service providers etc.

AQ Engineering Services:

AQ Engineering have experience designer, engineer and work force.  Our expertise of over one decade is present in almost all key industry segments, capabilities to handle of industrial sheds, refrigeration system, hydraulic system and steel structure of Bailey bridge and food or concrete silos, multi-dimensional and large scale assignments. Our specialized, in-house talent pool and the ability to provide holistic solutions under-one-roof makes us distinctive and helps us to provide customer satisfaction.

Why AQ?

Our real value is in working with clients hand in hand, being their own extended office, through hands-on participation and training. We use innovative methodology that delivers creative and accelerated engineering solutions to our customer needs.

AQ Dredging:

Our strong relationship with some of the worlds largest experienced dredging company in USA/ Netherland rest of the world that means AQ Dredging has the capabilities, experience and engineering know-how to handle complex dredging projects.

We help our customers decide which dredger suits their need and help in purchasing the dredger and also guide them, build ancillary ship like crew boat, Crane Boat, House boat, Tug boat in Bangladesh. Thus saving them a substance all amount of money and TAX.

AQ Granite:

Engaged in the manufacturing and supply of Indian Granite blocks, Slabs, Concrete Chips, AQ Granite, situated in Karim Nagar District of Andar Pradesh in India, is one of the fastest growing organizations in this business category. We have built on the trust of our clients by providing them with finest quality natural mines & Quarries. Be it office, residence, commercial complex, Nuclear Plants, Power Plants, Roads & Highway, or any other architectural project.

Customers can always count on our expertise in finding the right products at competitive prices. When selecting their stone of choice, the customer can rest be assured that the same material will be available for the complete project.

For enquires please call our dedicated team

 AQ Defense Contractors:

AQ Defense Contractors is a product support, program management and consultancy services firm operating across the horizon of a business process, from market analysis and opportunity identification to capture management, acquisition and delivery.

Our team of professionals executes exceptional services for our clients in Aftermarket, MRO, Program Management and Support, Integration, Initial Acquisition, Market Intelligence, In-Country Expertise and Global Services, allowing us to provide comprehensive support and coverage to our clients in all their requirements.

AQ operates mainly in the following broad based sectors:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Energy
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Electronics and Information Systems

We work collaboratively with our clients while leveraging our industry knowledge, global network of offices and partnerships. We practice a result oriented, solution based approach rendering our services to support our customers and partner organizations.

Our objective is to produce results and our goal is to deliver!

AQ Chemicals:

AQ minerals & Technologies, is a manufacturing and exporting activated bleaching earth leading a group of mine owners and processes.

AQ minerals & Technologies, is specialized in minerals and mineral base products. Its research is concentrated on innovative products with high market potential. In its innovative research works has very successfully developed two new highly useful products for which this firm has exclusive rights.

Further More, its research team, supervised by over 35 years experienced mineral export, has developed the best grade of activated bleaching earth both for refining of edible oils and used lubricating/ engine oils.

While its specialized grades of activated bleaching earth meet top international brands in high standards of quality they are much competitive in rates.

1 Sap 1000 An absorbent for soaps, trace metal icons and phospholipids to avoid water washing of neutral oil.
2 Bleach Maximum Best quality Activated Bleaching Earth for refining of edible oils.
3 Bleach Standard Highly suitable grade of Activated Bleaching Earth for use in the process of reclaiming/ recycling used oil ( lubricating , engine etc )
4 Regular Recommended where normal bleaching efficiency is required.
5 Fullers Earth Recommended for filtration purpose in edible and non-edible oils.
6 Hydro 99 A high quality natural / mineral product for waste water treatment /recycling best substitute of activated carbon optical and biological cleaner.
7 Floor Safe Mineral based exclusive preparation to stop the growth and infestation of insects and germs under the  flooring. For underground use, to be used just once as admixture to soil /sand before new flooring, highly useful product, first of its kind.


For other specific chemical needs please send your inquiry to


AQ Franchise Advisory Services:

With offices in UK, India, Bangladesh, The Franchise Advisory Service was formed in response to an underserved market in the industry for high-level, advanced education and training on purchasing a franchise. The options for purchasing a franchise are increasing exponentially, coupled with the amount of information available on each concept, which creates a great deal of data for franchise buyers to sift through. The Franchise Advisory Service recognized that there was a real need to assist the franchise buyers, therefore, we provide advanced research tools, consultative services and due diligence assistance and also help prospective franchisees qualify for the franchises they desired to invest in.

We have partnered with experts in the industry and created a company that is built on helping you achieve your dreams of franchise ownership. We make this easy for you throughout the research and award process, but also know it is important to have ongoing training and continued education after the franchise has been awarded. Because of our relationships, we are able to provide you with a full package of consulting services and ongoing support and training.

Our Key Facilities:

  • You’ll learn if owning a business is right for you.
  • You’ll get direct and complete access to your own experienced advisor and team of professionals – lawyers, accountants, human resources, insurance, business experts and funding sources.
  • The most in depth and thorough research and comparison data is provided to you.
  • You’ll get a highly customized plan with a step by step approach to meet your objectives leading to a tremendous savings of your time, money and frustration.
  • Negotiation assistance provided to get you the best deal, saving you potentially thousands of dollars!

 AQ Petroleum:

AQ petroleum sources crude oil to process in all refineries And other petroleum product from around the globe to give you a competitive edge reliability over your competitors. We have supply capacity of any kinds of petroleum products from our principle any volume and quantity of requirements by our clients.

AQ International:

 AQ International is a service-oriented export trading company providing domestic and international companies the opportunity to import and export products to new and existing markets.  It has made tremendous strides in improving the level and quality of product & services to its customers, while ensuring strict and continuous loyalty of product, Service. AQ International is specialized suppliers of all range of heavy equipments, marine equipments, Construction, Defense, Communication equipments to renewable sectors.

We also provide a wide range quality products, sales, installation, commissioning, supply, spare parts, & after sales support service by experienced engineer, technical team including workshop facilities.

For all types of Marine, communications, Construction and safety systems  AQ International  is your trusted supplier.

AQ Fire prevention equipments supply:

AQ provide fire safety products and services to commercial, public and industrial customers such as hospitals, churches, schools, universities, nursing homes and refineries as well as community groups, SMEs, landlords and home owners.

We offer high-quality fire safety equipment at competitive prices, manufactured by a reputable company .

AQ will find the best solutions for you; our customers and we guarantee that we won’t be beaten on price and quality as part of our Best Price quality.